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Related post: Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 16:36:45 EDT From: Marcthevadcs.com Subject: Ricky & Me Ch 2 "A Place of Our Own"This story is a work of erotic fiction involving teenage boys. All the usual rules apply. If you shouldn't be reading this now then don't continue on.Copyright Notice - Please, this virginia bell gallery story is Copyright (c) 2000 by Marc, and the author retains all rights. You may distribute, copy, print, staple or spindle this story however aero virgin islands you like, provided this copyright notice remains intact and you do not change the story in any way. Also you may not charge any fee to anyone to distribute or access this story.Ricky & Me Book best buy virgin mobile One Chapter Two "A Place Of Our Own" Copyright 02-15-2000 by Marc.......We spent every possible moment together. I had never known what love was like, and now it was flooding every one of my senses. When Ricky was out of my sight it was virgins boys cp top as if I had misplaced a vital deflowring virgin videos part of myself. When we touched after the briefest of absences I would reach for him and pull him close, making sure he was really there, I didn't want to let him go. I held him as though he was going virgin boy gay to disappear forever. Sometimes, I felt like it was all a dream, and I had to be sure it was real.When we made love, each encounter was as the first. Fresh and different, we left no part of ourselves unexplored, nothing untouched, nothing untasted. There was virginz teen galleries no limit to the love we shared for one another and there was no limit to the pretty virgins nude heights we reached when we came together to celebrate our love. Each time we sampled the fruit of our love it was liken to tasting ambrosia. Every time we each offered ourselves in ways new and beautiful. In turn we accepted each offering with reverence, taken with honor, because it little virgins bilder was something sacred, delicate, pure. Something given out of love.I would tell Ricky that I loved him, and he would look at me with those blue eyes, and after a second he'd flash that million dollar smile of his. Then he would wink at me and blow me a sweet little kiss saying "I love you too babe." Then, my legs would turn to liquid, my child virgin porn belly would churn, and the room would all of a sudden become very, very warm.Love was a wonderful thing. And I loved Ricky!We did have one disagreement. Of sorts.It all started while we were studying for exams. We were sitting in the library, opposite each other at one of those big tables, you know, the ones with the shaded lamp in the middle. We thought we should sit apart so we could concentrate and have enough room to spread out our asian virgin anal study materials, books, and various notes. So Ricky took one half and I took the other. I was adamant to the point that I would virgin girl pic not move any further away than this! and that was that! Final!So we settled in for a marathon cram session. The library would remain opened all night the week before exams so everyone could have access daddy virgin my sister to reference materials whenever they needed it. The place was busy but not crowded, and a few people could be seen milling about. We settled in and went to work.After an hour or so Ricky asked if I would like a cold drink. I nodded without looking up and he headed off to find a soda machine. dating in woodbridge virginia About ten minutes later he returned with two diet cokes. He opened mine and handed it to me saying "did ya miss thai virgin porn me babe" and he planted a solid kiss on my lips.He took me entirely by surprise! I couldn't breathe! I heard a startled, "OH MY." Then I looked around and saw THREE PEOPLE STARING AT US!I sat him down and said, "Man were in the LIBRARY" and then it hit me. THE LIBRARY! SHIT! I started to panic. I started to throw my books and stuff into my bag! I had to get out of there!Ricky looked as if he was going to cry, he was so shocked by my reaction.I looked grandpa fuck virgins there and said between clenched teeth, "Why did you kiss me here, (then louder) IN THE LIBRARY!?!?!?!?! Look around, there are people EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!"Ricky looked up at me and I could see a tear in each eye ready to roll down his cheeks. All he said was, "I missed you" virgin free foto movies then after a second, "I love you."I curtly told him it was all right, but we were leaving. NOW! RIGHT NOW!! I went over to the other side of the table and gathered up Ricky's books and stuff threw it all into virgin foto teen his bag and ushered him out of the room, down the hall, and then to the stairs.By the time we reached the stairs, the rumor mill had geared up and must have been grinding out at full force. Every eye in the building turned to us as we passed, and the whispers were hissing off the walls. We descended the stairs and as we entered the lobby all eyes turned to us.I looked at Ricky and he looked terrified. Not for kissing me, his answer told me that much. But I could see that he was scared for me. For my sake.That was it! I made a decision there and then, I was through hiding! I had had enough of other peoples opinions, it was time to take a stand and live according to my convictions, not everybody's prejudices!Looking at Ricky, I noticed a virgin nude tgp tear rolling down his cheek and that sight fortified me, "I LOVE YOU TOO" loud enough for every one within earshot to hear. Then I turned to the growing group of onlookers and said "I am Marc R------n and this japanese virgin cunt is Ricky Mc---Y, I love him. He loves me too. (at that Ricky smiled at me. Beaming, glowing. Tears now rolling freely down his cheeks.) If that bothers any of you I'm sorry, but it wont change anything!When the echo of my words died down I reached up to Ricky's cheek and wiped a tear, then reached behind his neck with the same hand and pulled him in slowly and kissed him, deeply, with all my heart. He returned my kiss running his hands slowly up and down my back.Then what happened next shocked the two of us.It started slowly at first, one hand striking the other, softly, but each time a little firmer than the one before. Then there were two sets of hands, then more. We started to hear cheers and the ovation grew deafening. The lobby of the library was alive with happy people celebrating what Ricky and I had just announced to the entire world.Love. Our love, for one another!As we broke russians virgin our kiss we embraced, and then turned to look at the assemblage we were in terror of moments before, now here now to do us honor. Amazed at the reaction of our classmates and friends, both present and future, we took each others hand, turned and walked together out the door. As we walked across the quad another cheer emanated from the library. I free virgin paradise pictures liked this school!>From that moment on, we both knew all was right with the world. We then walked to Ricky's house and for the rest of the night celebrated our liberation. Things were going to be different from now on.That night we decided to virgins girls sex thumbnails get a place together.The next morning we went out to the campus book store and picked up a paper, then stopped at the coffee shop next door. We sat down with a pair of double mochas and a muffin which we both picked at as we started the time honored chore of apartment hunting.Actually two angels virgins fuck boys boys looking for a place in a college town was not that uncommon so it wasn't long naked virgin girls before we had several appointments. We looked at several highly overpriced shit holes, and a few virgin rusian nude that were just out of our league. By Thursday though, we managed to find a nice bald virgin place nude virgins tgp on the South side of town.Actually, It was REALLY nice! Ground floor of a huge Victorian house. We knocked on the door and was greeted by an older man who introduced himself as Ben Thompson. We each shook his hand and Ricky gave him our resumes. While he looked over schoolgirl virgins our papers we explored a little. The place was enormous, huge rooms with tons of oak paneling, hardwood floors, a bath with giant oversized tub and a walk in shower and two fireplaces, one in the living room and one in the bed room. The rent was more than we could really afford, but we figured we could apply for *mothers aid* and our moms would help. Moms are great! That was it, we wrote a check for two months in advance and another for the security deposit signed the lease and the deal was done. The landlord said we could free virgins little russian move in right away.Saturday morning we rented a small truck and after a couple of trips collected my belongings from the dorm and fucking virgin free Ricky's from his old place.When we got virgin bukkake to Ricky's he handed me a couple of boxes and followed me with two himself. Then we repeated steps one thru three again and again still. On the fourth trip in I mentioned the place sure looks empty without all his personal stuff.All he said was "yup it sure does" and he turned cute little virgins free and started to the truck.I said, " Hey lover, what about the rest?"He said, "That's all there was. All the furniture came with the place." We had to get some of our own.And Ricky said black on virgin gang "We were going little virgin porno mpg shopping!" :~)Ricky held the door for me when we entered the home furnishing center. *Ever the gentleman, my guy*. We looked around for a while and pointed out this or little virgins top 100 that when along comes the 'salesman.' We both gave him the once over and we also noticed he did the same.This was going to be fun!The first thing we looked at were sofas Ricky found one huge overstuffed thing and sat down to see if it was comfortable. He patted the seat next to him, and smiled at me and I knew right away what he had on his mind. I sat down, really close and rested my hand on his lap. I then snuggled up to him and said," this would look *exquisite in front of our fireplace, what do you think babe *." Then I planted a big wet one on his cheek.The salesman blushed a deep crimson and then got all flustered saying, " I think I have some things you will both just adore!" And he led us about the store.We spent a small fortune that day and we hadn't even chosen a bed yet. The salesman ushered us dildo virgin onto the elevator and we ascended to the top floor. When we steeped off the elevator we heard a page for the salesmen to the office. He said for us to make our selves at best free virgins home and behave ourselves. He then blushed as he closed the door and russian virgin went back down stairs.We both looked at each other, each of us with a smile from ear to ear. Ricky took hold of my hand and we headed off. The whole floor was set up with little rooms each one with a russian virgin gratis different style of bed. It was like being in lovers heaven! The first one we came upon was this HUGE king and it looked like a big sleigh. Ricky pushed illegal virgins porn pics me backwards (a little hard) abear his virginity and I fell backwards onto the bittorrent virginity bed with a bounce. Rick then dove on top of me and kissed me fiercely, on my neck, cheeks, chin and ears until he settled on my lips. At first I was struggling, he took me by surprise and I started giggling. Every time I twisted one way, it flight attendant virgin america left virgin russian boy him an opening virgin defloration pictures to plant another kiss or nibble. When his lips met mine I melted and we both feasted on each other. As our tongues sparred back and forth I could feel Ricky becoming aroused and he started to grind his cock into me. I was quickly coming to life as well and started to match the force of his hips with mine stroke for stroke.After several minutes of *test driving the sled* we came up for air and Ricky said breathlessly, like he'd been running, "Lets go, there's more" and he took my hand and pulled me to my feet and we ran off to see what adventures lay ahead.Ricky was excited, like a kid with the keys to the candy store, and his excitement was infectious.We teenage virgin nude free turned a corner and came upon this set all shiny with black lacquer. We both looked at each other and virgin porno pictures at the same time said NO WAY! Zoom! We were off again. Then we entered another room and we both stopped and stared, King sized, with virgin sister pussy four posts and a canopy on top. It had a virgin defloration porn password stereo built into the headboard, cool! Ricky took my hand and pulled me to him virgins hardcore free links and again we kissed, deeply, slowly.We rolled onto the bed and never did our lips part. He rolled on top of me and I could feel his rock hard cock push into mine. Our cocks ground together like a flint against steel both unyielding yet together capable of making fire. And it was getting hot!As our lips best virgin moble phone parted I hugged him and girl virgin photo I hungrily chewed on an ear lobe when I noticed something we didn't see before. On top of the bed japan virgins was *A MIRROR*. I suddenly got so hot I nearly came right there. The sight of Ricky dry humping me was somehow very erotic almost voyeuristic. I reached down and slid my hands under the back of Ricky's shirt and softly dug my finger nails into him. This caused Ricky to practically go into convulsions. He reached a hand between us and stroked me from outside my jeans. Each time he sunny virgins ran his hand to free nasty virgin my balls he gave them a good squeeze, and in the process very nearly sending me over the top.I slid one virgin incest stories hand up to his neck and ran the other onto his firm bubble russian virgin fucked of an ass, pulling him even closer to me. He squeezed my balls again and I let out a best anal virgin sites moan of pleasure, and Ricky responded by sucking on my neck *HARD*.As Ricky sucked pictures of virgins and chewed my neck and rubbed my hard on I tpg teen virgin could feel myself cross the threshold and let out a loud shriek of pleasure as I came violently in my jeans. I threw my head back and pulled him deeper into free virgin defloration pics my neck. I scratched his back running my fingers down the bumps of his spine and all of a sudden Ricky stopped his grinding and his legs became rigid and he bit my neck hard *ouch* and I could feel his cock throb with release.We just laid there panting, out of breath, out of our minds in love with each other, feeling that wonderful feeling of sharing our hearts with one another. After a minute Ricky rolled off of me onto his back and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. illegal virgins foto For the first time he realized there was a mirror on the top of the bed.He smiled from ear porn skinny teen virgin to ear and said, "SOLD!"We took all of the floor adult teen virgin sex tags of the items we had chosen to the desk and handed them to the salesman. We really looked like a mess. Standing there holding our coats in front of us so as to hide any mess. YUK!! Then the salesman spotted something that nearly made him choke. He looked at my neck and spotted my silver dollar sized hickey.We wrote a check for our purchases and was told to expect delivery on Monday, sometime between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Well, there was nothing to do about that but wait.It was about 6:30 when we got back to *OUR* house and the first thing we did was to head for the shower. But not before ordering a pizza. We set a fire in the hearth and spread out our sleeping bags and blankets on the floor. It was like camping. It takes forever to get delivery in Providence on a Saturday night. forbidden russian virgins We were starved Little virginz by the time it finally got here, and we made quick work of it.We spent the next hour combining our stereo components, WOW, when we were done we had a killer system. Ricky put on a reel of slow moving Sam Cooke and other MO-Town music from the 50's and 60's. It sounded really sweet.After a bit Ricky got up and said he'd be right back, and headed into the kitchen. He soon returned with a bottle and two glasses.My Ricky, I love him so. He sat down and softly kissed me on the lips and said, "It's good to be home" and I kissed him back. Ricky opened the bottle and poured the wine, virgin teenz net handing me a glass then taking the other for himself. We touched the rims of the glasses and I said, "To love, to us" and we tasted its sweetness. Oh, and the wine was O.K. too.It was the first night together in our new place. And we snuggled together in front of the fire, nestled together like two spoons. We talked long into the wee hours of the morning. Stopping every so often to kiss or one another. That first night, lying there together we both reached new heights of awareness of each other, surpassing even the great loves of literature.Both lying toward the fire Ricky held me close to him and I moved back to get closer still. His hands traced slow circles over my smooth belly and chest, stopping occasionally to tweak the virgin asian sensitive buds swelling on my pecks, each time sending free nude virgins surges of sexual energy coursing through every nerve in my body, with enough power as to cause my entire body to quake with the anticipation of what was to come. While he did his finest handiwork on my front he also tortured me from the behind. Ricky was a true artist. He would brush the back of my neck with his nose, ever so gently, and when he breathed across the hairs on the back of my neck he sent shivers running down my spine. He would flick my ear and neck with his tongue getting them wet with his juices and then he would blow a soft puff of air across them causing me to whimper with it's icy fire. All this, already driving me to the edge of insanity and he tops it off by telling me how much he loves me. How much can a guy take?!?! My erection tented my sweats and every time Ricky would hump me through my virgin defloration live sweats I could feel him and I knew Ricky was totally aroused as well. As I pushed back to be closer to him his throbbing boner wedged nicely into the crack of my ass. Every now and then when he would push forward with his hips again, and I would squeeze the cheeks of my but and lock it in a vice-like grip. When I did this I japan sex virgin could feel that steel bar twitch and throb, causing me to ooze a thick stream of pre-cum. This went on for the better part of an hour. Just laying there savoring each other. Testing the endurance of each other. Lifting each other to new levels of existence. We took pleasure in just being together, and treasured forbidden virgins pussy every moment.Ricky let his hand roam to the waste band of my sweats and pushed the tips of his fingers underneath first sliding them down first one thigh, and then the other. He took his time, caressing each new inch of exposed 16 yers old virgin flesh, slowly taking pleasure in pleasuring me. After a time I slid them off the rest of the way and reached back to tug at his own sweats. Ricky took my lead and deftly removed his also, never skipping a moment virgin naked pics of the attention he lavished on me.I again reached back and pulled him back up against me. He pulled me close and I melted into him. I turned my head half way back, so as to see him in the glowing flicker of the firelight and he was beautiful, I felt tears start to form in my eyes, I was so happy, I wanted this to last forever. His skin glowed a red-orange showing highlights on his smooth contours, and was little virgins nudes bathed in a thin sheen of sweat, partly from the heat free new virgin clips of the fire, but mostly from the fire of our passion. The entire scene seemed surreal, too beautiful to be truly happening. But it was real, very real and it was happening to me. teen virgin pics He kissed me on my neck lingering to taste me. He then said he russian little virgin loved me, and all I could say was, "Make love to me, I want you inside me."Ricky rose up slightly and turned me onto my back, he looked into my eyes and as a tear spilled over the rim He asked, what was wrong if he'd done something. All I could was shake my head no and I pulled him into me for a deep kiss. I raised one leg and pushed softly against him, coaxing him virgin titties by moving slowly from side to side. I reached down and took his fiery hot cock in my hand and rubbed the head against the pink flower waiting to blossom.Ricky shifted to align himself and placed a leg on each shoulder he scooped a dollop of pre-cum and smeared 5 teen virgins it on my virgin hole. He circled around spreading the slick virgin teen free thumbs ooze and then pushed one finger in rolling little nude virgin pictures it around the rim then a second and xxx virgin kiddy deeper this time. I was going to slip off the edge of the earth, it felt soooo good!!!I said between gasps for air, " NOW, I want you now babe, please." Ricky took his tool and rubbed it on my hole then I felt the head spread the tight muscled ring and slip inside of me. The excruciating pain was delightful. I let out a little scream and japanes virgins teen bit my hand to make myself stop. Ricky jumped noticeably and asked if I was forbidden virgin movie japan O.K.. All I could do was shake my head and I pushed back a little. Ricky again followed my lead again and resumed his slow drilling.Looking up at his strong shoulders, pecks rippling with each movement, beads of sweat forming and rolling over the silken delight that was his skin. Glowing a deep orange from the glow of the embers in the hearth. He looked gorgeous. I had to keep biting my hand to keep from crying, I was sooo happy!His technique was incredible, forceful yet teasing at the same time. He would slide himself in a little then pull out slightly and back again, all the while gyrating his hips. It would suck the wind right out of me. He did this slow dance of his over and over, and each time he virgin 14 tgp would do it a little deeper.Then all at once, he virgins i am fool came in contact with my prostate and the feeling was unbelievable. I screamed again and bit down harder on my hand. I almost bit off a finger! My head flew back and I quickly grabbed two handfuls tender virgins russians porn of bedding to anchor me down. I had no idea and it took me totally by surprise. My cock throbbed with such force that pre-cum shot half way up my belly. It was so incredible!Ricky pushed once more and I could feel his pubes tickling my ass cheeks. I gasped for air and mouthed the words, " I love you." Then he ran over that spot again and I couldn't even do that any more. All I could images of virgins do was littlevirgin tgp hold on for dear life.Ricky picked up the pace now to a good steady fucking and with each stroke he would let out a little squeak. I could feel his cock swell and knew he was close. I grabbed my own hard sex virgin 14 porno on and started pumping it but Ricky said no that was for him after so I stopped little virgins nudist and concentrated on pleasing my boyfriend.The pace was furious and Ricky's balls were slapping hard against my ass, then all of a sudden Ricky drove himself home deeper than ever before and he stopped. For a couple of seconds time stood still, I could feel his dick swell in me as if it was going to explode. Then it did!!!!!!!! I could feel his hot cum shoot deep inside me. It just kept coming more and more. The feeling was exquisite and it caused a chain reaction in me that I was powerless to stop. I came with a vengeance. With such a force it felt like it was tearing the head of my dick off. virgins 13 y.o Ricky grabbed free virgin sex movies the shaft and stroked it hard and in just a few furious strokes, had me again over the edge and I exploded with a second killer orgasm. The first two spurts shot right over my head and landed in the fire and my spooch hissed and sputtered as it fell on the glowing embers.It seemed like hours before we could move. but after a time we relaxed and fell into each others arms and settled into a cozy embrace.After a few minutes I felt tears well up in my eyes, and soon after broke out into full fledged sobs. Ricky, pulling me close into his strong arms whispered polish virgins nude , "what's anal virgin vid wrong." All I could say was, "I don't know, I've never felt this way before, I'm just so happy."He said, "I know how you feel babe, I feel pretty good too." And he kissed me. This chapter was actress virgina madson nudes taken from personal journals of those times. I hope Little virgins exclusive you enjoyed sharing some of my memories. It is virgine 7 yr porno always nice to know what you think. Please E-mail me with your comments to Marcmarcintime.com Also visit my Web Site at http://www.marcintime.com
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